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Tickle · the · Pear

baby, it's cold outside

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And I'm in the office, though I'd hoped that I'd stay home instead, reading in bed or maybe re-potting some plants. But there's a hard deadline on Friday, alas.

A very quiet weekend. We spent an exciting Saturday night baby-sitting, then after the kids fell asleep we zoned out in front of the TV. We felt like real parents!

Visited a couple of friendly neighborhood institutions - Frager's Hardware and Jacob's Coffeehouse. Frager's is always good fun. Jacob's Coffeehouse is slightly closer than than our usual haunt, Ebenezer's, and the atmosphere is a little different. Real food for one, and an incredible hot white chocolate, and several shelves of books for the taking. My only beef is that the background music was not what I expected. First the easy listening 70s classics radio station, then instrumental French cabaret music. I prefer the cool jazz on satellite FM at Ebenezer's. MoBob says he likes Jacob's better though. I suppose he should know - he was the one who grew up in a café culture, not me.
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