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photo from DCist Last night's Eid party ended, as always,…

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photo from DCist

Last night's Eid party ended, as always, in a couscous-induced stupor. We dragged ourselves off the metro at 11:30pm, gorged after an evening of endless brochettes, mountains of couscous, potatoes, and a large plate of mechoui, and sugar-crazed small fry running around. One of the other guests was a young man from Niger (the cousin of the husband of our hostess' co-worker) studying nursing here. I really regret not making an effort to visit Niger. Heck, our house in Ouaga was off "la rue de Niger" - it was a straight shot to Niamey, four hours away on a paved road. I thought of all the Thanksgivings and Christmases I've spent away, and I felt a little tenderness for the young man who was far away himself on an important family holiday. Though I'm glad for once we didn't have to slaughter our own sheep.

Washington Post: Eid ul-Adha Celebrated Worldwide
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