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Tickle · the · Pear

the mysterious case of the disappearing pumpkin

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At the beginning of October MoBob and I bought two small pumpkins from the local farmers' market. We placed them in one of the outside windows, on top of the air-conditioner/heater unit. Last week when we came back from the airport I didn't see the smaller pumpkin. I was sad but assumed that it had fallen and rolled away or someone had taken it. Well, it came back. Weird. Last night when I came home I saw that it had disappeared again. I called MB and upon his return he hadn't seen it either. Then last night as we were tidying up I went outside to take the trash out and there it was - perched on top of the window unit as usual. MB pushed it securely between the window bars so it would be hard to pry out. He verified that it was still there when he left this morning. If it disappears and reappears again, I'm going to put a little sign on it that says "please leave me alone."

We watched A Charlie Brown Christmas last night. I hadn't seen it in many years, and of course it was MB's first time. It was hilarious - much funnier now that I'm an adult. I still feel a little like Charlie Brown; hopefully the blues will go away just like it did for him.
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