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Tickle · the · Pear

Ch-ch-ch-changes (courtesy of g-g-g-google)

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For the past 6 years I've had an email account with Caramail thinking that I could improve my language skills by dealing with a French interface and using Caramail as my personal/secondary/travel email account. Well, Caramail is pretty cranky - sometimes takes forever to load, sometimes gives me weird error messages, and most recently I discovered that my sent messages are not being saved *anywhere.*

The last straw was when JaneAnne pointed out that the following appears at the bottom of the text - invisible when in writing mode.

Sexy Like Us : Tu veux savoir si tu as la cote ? Clique ici !

Not exactly what I intended when I emailed with the head of LDS Charities.

Thankfully Ben Huff kindly invited me to open up a Gmail account. I'd heard a lot about Gmail and certainly gotten quite a few messages from friends who've switched over, and I knew for the beta version that you have to be in with a current Gmail account holder. So now I'm in! (Though I'm not looking forward to the logistical hassle of closing out my Caramail account.)
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