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the encyclopedia of me - X

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X is for X-rated. I have actually seen an X-rated movie. It was my freshman year of college, and a guy I had a minor crush on in my dorm asked me if I wanted to go with him (non-date) to see a movie that the New York Times had given four stars to. Apparently that was a very rare phenomenon. Well, it was definitely X-rated. People even walked out. I felt like doing so myself, but also sickly fascinated by the movie. I don't remember many details, but there wasn't any violence at least.

X is for X-ray (of course). I have to get a chest x-ray every year because when I had my close of service medical exam as a Peace Corps volunteer, the TB test was positive. A huge red spot bloomed on my forearm where I was pricked. I could've gotten it anywhere, since I was a schoolteacher and constantly around people, and also traveled all over Cameroon.

Yesterday was such a gorgeous fall day that after church we went to the Mall to see if we could get tickets to the Washington Monument. Neither of us have been, but, alas, all the tickets were gone. Instead, we went to the National Museum of African Art to see the Tuareg exhibit that just opened. Tuaregs, you see, are Berber cousins, and MoBob can easily discern the language and many of the arts and crafts and traditions and music are similar. It was a little eerie to see items that I'd associated with dust and heat now carefully displayed in pristine condition. My biggest regret is that we never had a chance to visit Niger - Niamey was only four or so hours from our house in Ouaga.
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