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Tickle · the · Pear

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T is for Travel. My dirty secret: I hate traveling. I wish the transporter from Star Trek actually existed. I like the destination better than the voyage, unfortunately.

It's always a slog:
* Annual leave to the US: from wherever we are to Paris-CDG (the most unfriendly airport in the rich world) and then onward to San Francisco or Los Angeles. When we lived in Ouagadougou that's 20+ hours in transit.
* From Ouaga to Accra: (mind you, Burkina Faso and Ghana share a border) Ouaga to Lomé by plane, then by car to Accra. On the way back, drove to Lomé, then flew to Cotonou and then Ouaga. Alternatively, drive from Ouaga to Tamale, spend the night, and continue to Accra. If there was a direct flight it would take less than an hour.
* From Bamako to Accra: (it's so hard to get between Anglophone and Francophone countries): the bush taxi flight on Ghana Airways was cancelled, so I ended up flying to Lomé and driving with the Togo staff to Accra. Then on the way back we drove to Tamale, then Ouaga, and I flew from Ouaga to Bamako.

I'm curious to find out if travel is equally arduous in other parts of the world. Africa must be the hardest just from the sheer lack of infrastructure (both human and not).

It finally feels like fall today. Yay!
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On October 26th, 2007 10:55 am (UTC), ticklethepear replied:
Certainly Antipodeans have it rough - I had Aussie colleagues in Burkina Faso and and they always had horrible itineraries.
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