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Tickle · the · Pear

the encyclopedia of me - L

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L is for Laughter. I'm lucky that there's a lot of laughter in my life, at the office or at home. I guess I'm a funny person. People have told me that often enough. I wonder if I could ever do an open mike session. I'm only funny around certain people though so I'd have to have 250+ of my closest friends present to cheer me on. Are you laughing yet?

Speaking of 250+ of my closest friends, I now have a profile on Facebook. I was reluctant at first, but after some email exchanges with the Scaries and then a friend from Little Rock added me, I thought, what the heck. Surely it can't be any more time-wasting than LiveJournal, Will It Blend?, GoogleNope, Mullets Galore, or Go Fug Yourself? None of which I check with any regularity, I assure you. (Since I always use rssfwd.com, natch.)
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