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the encyclopedia of me - C

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C is for Church.
I'm in a great ward. For once I'm not the only woman who (1) is married to a non-member (2) kept her own name after marriage (3) lived overseas beyond serving a mission and (4) has a post-graduate degree.

C is for Capitol Hill.
I love our neighborhood and the ability to breathe the rarefied atmosphere of Smug Liberals and Republicans Who Compost.

C is for Cameroon.
Where it all started.

Another item for my list of pet peeves: people who don't follow up or even say thank you. This is especially in the case of people who contact me for career info. I guess for a lot of folks I'm the only person they know who works in international development. So my name and email gets passed around a lot. I hate it when I take time out of my day to craft what I hope is a helpful response and then hear...nothing. It's happened twice in the past week, and it annoys me to no end. I do it because so many people have been helpful to me along the way, but some days I just want to hit delete.
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On September 20th, 2007 02:12 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
I share your peeve, only for me it was random students asking me for recommended readings in Mormon women's history/women's studies. After a while, I started sending out a stock reading list no matter what questions they asked because I was weary of going all out for people who couldn't be bothered to 1) do their own research or 2) say thank you when I shared mine.

Mary Ellen
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