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As much as I like experiencing new places, I just don't like traveling, so it's always with mixed feelings when I'm planning upcoming trips. A big trip in October-November to Brussels and Lyon, and probably another visit to Lyon in February, and all of us going to Montréal at some point.

Plus travel to actual Developing Countries. First stop: Mozambique. Not sure when yet, but it's in the budget so it must be true. I'm looking forward to visiting a Lusophone country, especially with my earlier fascination, and I sure as heck am grateful for a job that allows me to go places, but part of me is saying: Africa, again? It's true that I've never been to "the southern cone" but still. Especially as there are 40-odd other countries we cover, most of which I haven't been to - yet.

As a follow-up to yesterday's movie-making post, WaPo's gossip column today (scroll down to "Reel Thrills in the Neighborhood") includes more on the filming and even a video.
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