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Last night I attended a meeting for the nursery leaders at the Marvelous Market in Eastern Market, and when I arrived I found that the street was blocked and there was much scurrying about of people with large pieces of equipment. It turns out that Eastern Market is one of the locations for the filming of Body of Lies starring Russell Crowe and Leonardo diCaprio.

The farmers' market area was set up to look like a flower market in Amsterdam where a car bomb detonates. By the time everyone was packing all the extras had been loaded up in a giant tour bus but the Dutch signs and the scattered fruits and veggies and flowers remained. Anyone can take leftovers, and one of the crew members we spoke to said that everything will be donated to the local food bank. So I didn't feel sad leaving the huge glossy eggplants on the ground so much. I scored six bunches of flowers, two of which I gave to two elderly black gentlemen who were strolling around the neighborhood, two for our landlords upstairs, and two for us.
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