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Tickle · the · Pear

summer's over

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Ah, Labor Day. The scent of BBQ has permeated our neighborhood. Saturday was a beautiful day, which unfortunately I spent most of my time indoors attacking the lengthy to-do list that I promised to complete this week as we have visitors every weekend this month. Sunday was equally beautiful; after church, we got ready to spend part of the late afternoon waiting for the NSO's Labor Day concert. It was really fun - all the family favorites from America's musical history.

We were lucky enough to get there early with all our stuff in a widely admired shopping cart. Food & drink: two cans of Fresca, two bottles of water, whole grain sandwich bread, tuna/mayo/caper filling, beef bologna with Monterey Jack cheese and mustard, soba noodles, two nectarines, and two plums. Non-food items: two blankets (one made by my visiting teaching companion in Little Rock, another from MoBob's family), two pillows covered in bogolan cloth from Mali, a frisbee, wet wipes, plastic utensils and plates and bowls, several plastic and ziploc bags, a couple of books, a baseball hat for each of us, sunscreen, bug spray, a pair of binoculars, and the digital camera. I forgot the flashlight - I always forget the flashlight! (For making one's way to and from the loo in the dark, of course.)

Oh, and we sat behind a group of obviously Mo singles - MoBob said he could tell since they were dressed so modestly, plus when someone mentioned BYU I turned my head - completely unconscious, since I'm not even an alum.

the space age-y looking stage

the Capitol at night

me in my Umm Kulthum sunglasses

MoBob and his intellectual glasses
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