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happily wrong

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Well, it turns out that the article I saw about Haj Youness was from last year - he did get a visa this time around. It was a fun concert, although the ensemble wasn't very tight (the music director/saxophonist said they'd only been rehearsing since last Thursday), and there was no room to dance; it was great to see a diverse group tearing it up on stage with traditional Chicago blues, among other pieces. The place was packed.

The event was also a reminder of how, at heart, Washington DC is a small town. Sure, most of the people we ran into there were connected to Morocco in some way, like the Moroccan gentleman who's a VP at the World Bank whom MoBob met at a conference, or a grad school classmate who's with the State Dept., or the president of Friends of Morocco. But we also saw two young Japanese women from the World Bank whom I know from the disability working group. I didn't expect them to attend a concert like this, but afterwards I thought, why not?
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