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Tickle · the · Pear

wi-fi imminent

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The last straw was almost a week of total inaccessibility to internet at home. Second to last straw was finding on the list of available networks one called "back off you moocher." Password-protected, of course.

We often go to Ebenezer's for a change of atmosphere and I saw that DC Access was the provider. I liked the fact that it was a local business. Plus we don't have a TV or a landline so it didn't make sense to have a package of bundled services. So I called and set up an appointment for a site survey for Tuesday night.

Thankfully our landlord was home so we were able to hash out some of the technicalities of installation. I hadn't realized that our house was one of the few three-story structures in the neighborhood and the technician would have to go into the upstairs apartment for roof access and attach the antenna to the chimney, and then snake the cable inside the bathroom and into the kitchen where the router will sit. He's coming back on Tuesday morning to install the whole thing.

We rent from a married couple close to our age who are very cool, and to sweeten the deal I said I'd send them the network name and password info in case their DSL ever conks out. In a few days MoBob can watch all the ahidous (traditional Berber dancing) videos he wants.
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