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Tickle · the · Pear

post-DH (do I still need to warn for spoilers?)

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Jana's review prompted me to grumpily comment:
I was actually disappointed. Sad it's over, but ultimately unsatisfied. So many threads left unresolved, despite JKR's proposed encyclopedia and her post-release interviews. For example: house unity, a theme pounded upon for six books. And then in the end? All the Slytherins are bad, except for Snape (unrecognized for his heroism) and Slughorn (a adult with presumably a more developed moral sense). Baby Slytherins were left unredeemed, especially Draco, who had a couple of opportunities and didn't seize them. Lots of plot holes and inconsistencies too. The "Trace"? Ron learning Parseltongue? How did Colin Creevey return to Hogwarts if he was a Muggleborn without a wand? Heck, I couldn't figure out the US cover, let alone the whole "deathstick" issue. Not to mention "the crapilogue." Maybe I'm seeing this from an adult perspective, but surely kids deserve more?

So here are my favorite favorite post-DH commentaries, most of which I got from folks on my f-list - thanks, all!
New York Magazine: the complete obituaries
Ross Douthat in The Atlantic
Sam Anderson in New York Magazine
slate.com's Book Club

On Saturday I watched Flirting which I enjoyed very much. A very sensitive and nicely handled story about teenagers in an interracial relationship in Australia in the 1960s, ie during the "White Australia" era. Quite a lot reminded me of my year in Canberra - I had many classmates from rural Australia who'd gone to boarding school, and the British references like high table still existed in 1990. I also liked the Africa angle. I wasn't as happy with Bottle Rocket though MoBob had the opposite opinion. What is the the male counterpart of a chick flick anyway - a laddie flick? This was definitely one though I could appreciate the cinematography.

What else happened on Saturday? I spoke with a neighbor about bad plant karma as she worked on her tiny plot. We scored a dresser (now housing our shoes) and a small demi-lune table from another neighbor who helped us carry both to our apartment. After errands, we strolled to Lincoln Park where we watched volleyball players, kids on bikes, dogs with frisbees, and a dad and son kicking a soccer ball back and forth. Another lovely summer evening.
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On August 5th, 2007 12:24 pm (UTC), mynuet commented:
*claps!* *links arms and sings a version of Kumbaya that doesn't conflict with the grumpiness*
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On August 6th, 2007 12:55 pm (UTC), ticklethepear replied:
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