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Tickle · the · Pear

a Saturday in DC

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* * *
* swept out the back yard while MoBob cleaned house
* put away groceries from the Safeway delivery
* made pizza for lunch
* took a nap
* discovered lack of wi-fi
* walked to Eastern Market and bought tomatoes, eggplants, cherries, nectarines, green beans, and a raisin bran muffin
* read the features sections of the Sunday paper (that arrive on Saturday)
* still no internet, so walked to Ebenezer's for wi-fi, a mocha (for MB) and a cookies and cream freezer (for me)
* ran into a pal from my grad school cohort and her husband and heard all about their recent missionary trip to Nairobi
* Ebenezer's server was down, so trooped onward to Union Station
* now at Union Station on battery power, people watching and enjoying the cool, cool air
* * *