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gros malin

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I've been constantly sneezing and rubbing my eyes for the past two weeks. Meds make me feel sleepy during the day and if I take them overnight I feel groggy and tired the next morning. Ugh.

Surprisingly I've had quite a few adult-type activities. I had dinner with friends from Salt Lake. I attended a reception for a professional association I belong to. I was elected to the local school advisory team. I went to dinner and a play with a friend - we went to see The Snow Child which was disappointingly just ok, though the young lady in the title role was a delight.

Z was very attentive during Take Your Child to Work Day.

Day camp at the Alliance Francaise meant building a chateau.

Meanwhile, back at home....
* * *
For the first time in years we did not get out of the car to check out the cherry blossoms. Now they are gone but at least the temperate spring weather is here.

One Saturday was actually perfect, and we took advantage by attending the local arts festival in our neighborhood.

The next day was rainy but we enjoyed ourselves at an art-themed birthday party and then Union Market for a "meat flower."

I was lucky to attend the new Peace Corps director's swearing-in ceremony. Sec. of Transportation Elaine Chao (a former PCD herelf) did the honors.

R&P came for their annual swing dance weekend and we met up with them at the Old Pancake House. Z had playdates the whole weekend. In between meetings for Diversity Declaration and the afterschool committee BBQ, I took a photo in our old neighborhood.
* * *
March was a long month and it went by so quickly, yet the winter weather is still here.

Spring break camp was spent learning about Thailand.

The ward's annual Easter egg hunt was also a seder on Holy Saturday at the National Arboretum.

We went to see the Black Panther. It was fantastic - especially as someone who is familiar with and appreciates African culture - I loved seeing all the architectural references to Malian mosques in the capital city! More birthday parties and park playdates for Z.

We visited our local council member to talk about the school budget.

Finally, our birthday boy had a party.
* * *
The last couple of weeks have been busy. I'm finally seeing signs of spring - birdsong, blooms, and later sunsets. And tourists!

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Out of a morbid sense of curiosity I listed out all the activities I've been involved with, in addition to the usual friends and Z's social-cultural life:

Z's school - PTA meetings, class parent, afterschool committee, community dialogue group

board member - DC Cal alums, Arts on the Horizon

coop activities committee

church - Relief Society, activities committee, visiting teaching, service in general, Exponent, FEMWOC, Feminist FHE

activism - Diversity Declaration, Mormon Women for Ethical Government, Kaya

professional affiliations - Society of Gender Professionals, Women's Foreign Policy Network, Aspiring Mormon Women, SAIS Women's Alumni Network, International Career Advancement Program

employee resource groups at work - moms (lactation room alumni), parents, Asian-Americans, RPCVs, women employees

* * *
* * *
International Women's Day is the biggest day for us. I like to call it the Super Bowl of Gender.

I wonder if Z will continue to wear this shirt when he knows how to read.



I saw Nina Totenberg from NPR.

My friend ran the Rock'n'Roll Marathon. Z declined to help me with the sign. But it still turned out pretty good.

MoBob and I went to see "Star Wars: the Last Jedi" at the local second-run theater. It is a recently refurbished landmark that hosts a church service on Sundays. I enjoyed seeing MB's first time, and enjoyed the film myself for its own merits since I already know what was going to happen.
* * *
We were supposed to be in Houston this weekend. Alas, the high winds on Friday meant that the U.S. Government was closed and that our flight was cancelled. The next outgoing flight was Saturday at 4:30pm, so there was no point, since we were scheduled to return on Sunday afternoon. MoBob was there the entire week so at least he got to see the rodeo and Blake Shelton ($18 ticket!). He was also able to get a Saturday night flight back. I was really disappointed since none of us had visited before, and in addition to the rodeo my dad's half-sister's family is there, as well as several friends. At least Z was a real trooper and patiently waited while I wrangled with the airline. I fly so rarely in the U.S. (once a year, if that) that it's a shock to pay for seat assignments, checked baggage, entertainment, and meals. As I remarked on Facebook, even a middle seat on the 17 hour flight from Atlanta to Jo'burg is tolerable because of all the perks.

Over President's Day weekend we saw an excellent student production of The Lion King (which Z later watched several times on DVD), attended engineering day, and watched the musical adaptation of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, which Z had read and enjoyed. Sadly performances later were cancelled because of a fire in the theater so I'm glad we were able to see when we did.

I have a tumblr account now, to follow all the #reylo goodness. I realized that I joined LJ because of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, and now I'm on another medium because of another fandom.

catapault making
* * *
On Sunday MoBob went to help a friend move and Z had a playdate so I had the whole rainy afternoon to myself. I took a long nap. Absolutely blissful.

We celebrated Chinese New Year at the Smithsonian SAAM/NPG.

Someone *finally* got a haircut.

Happy V-Day!

MB went to see a childhood hero of mine, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, speak.

photo by our friend AI

* * *
As much as I love winter, for the first time I am anxious for warmth and sun.

Last weekend we didn't really have anything planned. We took Z to a birthday party in the neighborhood. Z had a couple of playdates.

And that was it.

I tentatively ventured into the world of Tumblr, for the sole purpose of reading Reylo meta.

zyzyly has Hello Kitty. I have Miffy, surrounded by armed militants.

* * *
MoBob went to Minneapolis, and I got the flu. Thank goodness for friends and neighboors who took Z to and from school and allowed me to sleep. Our entire office was hit and even though we were not furloughed in the end the office had emptied out with sickies.

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