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gros malin

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what else? we got bikes thanks to the summer moving sales | last Ramadan dinner | swimming pool evenings | breakfast at Busboys & Poets | more legos | screening the Lion King at school
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what else? visit to Atlas Theater | Barston's Child Play again | duck pond opening | playdates | Learning Collaborative | dinner with N | DC United games | Moms' night out on the barge | iftar at City Hall | Menstrual Hygiene Day screening of Period. End of Sentence | IGWG Plenary
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What else? Z visited the Hirschorn | movie night at school with "Ferdinand" | I got a haircut | Good Neighbors meeting | dinner at Kaliwa with AQ and KJ | seeing Captain Marvel | DC United game | Ramadan dinner chez nous | Mother's Day visit to Michael's then a long nap
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What else? cherry blossom fireworks | briefing with Cong. Meng's office | Young Filipino Professionals' women entrepreneurs event | the zoo with Babba | Alliance Française camp | Z's talk at church | Filipino food Easter brunch at Bistro 1521 | movie night with school friends | Carrie the Musical at American University | brunch at Matchbox with R&P
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We celebrated MoBob's birthday at the Chinese hotpot restaurant.

It's cherry blossom time!

Z built boats at the Wharf's Phase 2 party.

Sliding at Haines Point.

Family fossil night at the Smithsonian.

Pre-birthday visit to Barston Child's Play.


What else? goodbye open house for our friends moving to NM | woke moms of color dinner at District Kitchen | soccer camp | Scramble
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After International Women's Day, more madness:
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Peace Corps Director at CSIS | playdates | Michaels and Potomac Yards Park | Africa experts event with Women's Foreign Policy Network | Baked Joint with NPR's Malaka Gharib
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Last Saturday, after Z's French class, we did...nothing. We just stayed at home. Other things we did not do? Moms night out. Mardi Gras at the Wharf. I skipped the PTA meeting (MoBob attended) to participate in the monthly Good Neighbors Capitol Hill meeting on behalf of our congregation. Work has been so busy lately, with early morning phone calls. But I started going to the lunchtime crafting club. School has been busy too with budget decisions and various advocacy actions with the PTA.

The Tiny Chefs party was loud and crowded but we were early enough to actually do some cooking.

Peace Corps week at the office!

I was proud to host group of Filipina ladies on a State Dept. visit to the US.

My friend Crystal was in town to lobby for the Utah Cultural Alliance.

Z and I attended a light animation workshop as part of the DC Independent Film Festival.
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swim class

family home evening in French

big mouth drawing at the library

kid movies at the National Gallery of Art, including this gem:

What else? viewing Sahara at Alliance Française | muddy park playdate
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