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This is my fourth visit to Bangladesh. Since my visit last year the security perimeter has been expanded so I might actually get some real photos. I was lucky to get a bulkhead seat on the DC-Dubai segment and then upgraded to business class for Dubai-Dhaka. While waiting to board in Dubai I chatted with two young sisters from England who were visiting their family in Bangladesh. I felt like we could hang out if we'd met under other circumstances.

MoBob and Z are still in Morocco. In September I will be headed to New Hampshire for the annual Exponent retreat, then Malawi. I was originally scheduled for a meeting in Geneva next week but with some relief my trip was cancelled.

otherwise my lips are sealed

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Did I mention that I went to Armenia for a week? No? It was like a dream.

One of the many delightful meals.

My two new friends from the UN and our adorbs waiter.

Every night there was a light and music show at the fountain in the main square.
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A long time ago (pre-kid) I played on a tennis team. It was a lot of fun. A great group of women, and one of the very few times I enjoyed playing a sport. I'm one of the rare humans that doesn't get an energy buzz, so the weeknight and Saturday morning practices worked out well since I could directly conk out afterwards.

I ended up with tennis elbow and carpal tunnel after a couple of summers on the team. I hadn't picked up a racket since...2009? I was a little surprised when I asked Z what he wanted to do on the last weekend before they left for Morocco that he wanted to see the tennis tournament. Saturday was Community Day at the Citi Open and so we went, lugging our rackets. They had a huge area set up just for kids, with volunteers who tossed balls or showed the right techniques. We found half a court to ourselves and the three of us just hit.

It truly was muscle memory, long dormant but still there. It felt good. Tennis is probably the only sport that I'm more skilled at than MB, but he has greater strength and endurance. Z really enjoyed it too. Despite the heat and the sun we stayed on the court for about an hour. Here's hoping to more family tennis.
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Today is the last day of July and I haven't posted since our July 4th update. Boo on me. MoBob and Z are in Morocco now for six weeks. Z will miss the first three weeks of kindergarten. I'm surprised the school administration has not protested. I guess we are not a suspicious family when it comes to absenteeism. Although I am working I feel like I'm on a momcation.
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I keep forgetting to post our "summer fun list" for 2018 but there are some traditions that I think we will follow every year regardless.

Like the firefly festival.

Weekly soccer on the school playground.

A quiet moment at Camp Lord of the Flies.

Friday night fishing on the Anacostia.

The most popular vehicle at the truck touch was actually the helicopter.

Legos in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

My aunt and uncle from Florida drove up for a conference so we had dinner at Kaliwa and then watched fireworks from one of the piers.

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Before the brave, before the proud builders and workers,
I say I want the wide American earth,
Its beautiful rivers and long valleys and fertile plains,
Its numberless hamlets and expanding towns and towering cities,
Its limitless frontiers, its probing intelligence,
For all the free.

Free men everywhere in my land –
This wide American earth – do not wander homeless,
And are not alone; friendship is our bread, love our air;
And we call each other comrade, each growing with the other,
Each a neighbor to the other, boundless in freedom.


Before the brave, before the proud builders and workers,
I say I want the wide American earth
For all the free.
I want the wide American earth for my people,
I want my beautiful land.
I want it with my rippling strength and tenderness
Of love and light and truth
For all the free —

Carlos Bulosan
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School ended, and so did Ramadan, and now summer is here! picciesCollapse )
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It rained again for most of the weekend but at least I got some non-humid sun today while walking between CVS and the office. MoBob is back on the job market and it's worked out schedule-wise since he's a Ramadan night owl now.

I have a new calling (volunteer position at church) to coordinate volunteer work in our congregation, and I've already started attending meetings for the Capitol Hill Group Ministry. I spoke to an all women cohort of Payne fellows (future Foreign Service Officers) at Howard University who impressed me with their energy and appreciation. Z had a looong Memorial Day weekend (Thursday, Friday, and Monday) which was filled with playdates and rain. MB took him to the DC Duck Race and the splash park. I attended a dinner for the local PTAs and neighborhood institutions, and saw some of the other parents whom I'd met at policy events as well as Captain Trent who took us on the Anacostia boat ride. As the school year winds down, Z enjoyed his last session of karate and his last French class. We hosted a number of lady friends for Ramadan dinner with ten more nights to go.

pool time = official start of summer

We built a car for the "drive-in movie" at school.

Z wasn't so impressed despite the license plate.

DC Jazz Festival family day at the Phillips Collection was fun but tiring.

For Mystery Reader day, I read "It's Ramadan, Curious George!" and MB distributed dates.

We got dressed up for the school's annual fundraiser but someone else stole the show.
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