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Tickle · the · Pear

gros malin

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January was a wash, and February arrived so quickly. I thought I'd be clever and frugal by printing photos of Z for his class' V-Day exchange, but the photos + envelopes + heart stickers ended up more expensive than a box of store-bought cards. At least his will be unique!

back to the grad school to talk diversity

learning about maple syrup

Lego helicopter and helipad

What else? planning commission meeting | playing Memory Palace | advocating for the school

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I'm back to work - thank goodness! I was reflecting on how the furlough was different from other times that I'd been out of work (funemployment, security clearance limbo, or maternity leave). I would say the main differences would be (1) solidarity with a million other people in the same situation and (2) the media attention. I really enjoyed the FB furlough groups I joined. It gave me an idea of the scale and scope of the idiocy. It's not just the DC swamp bureaucrats.

We learned about turtles in the Anacostia.

We went bowling.

As one of my last furlough crafts, I made a goth magic wand.

We went to a family happy hour with King Bullfrog.

The Japanese new year festival was a fun new activity.

I was excited to learn more about the ERA and to see Alyssa Milano.

We finally visited the Newseum.

What else? Moms' night out | finishing out the analog to do list | Multilingual Education Fair | more playdates
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Really, no excuses for not updating except sheer lethargy.

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What else? kid-friendly New Year's Party | Cafe Descartes at the French Embassy | furlough brunch with the Women's Foreign Policy Network | neighborhood moms lunch | furloughed friends dinner | playdates | fundraising training | PTA meetings | advocacy training | lunch with Little Rock friends | dinner with another neighborhood school family

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Our goal is to create a beloved community and
this will require a qualitative change in our souls
as well as a quantitative change in our lives.
~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
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new prayer rug and new scriptures
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What else? DC Cal Alums annual party | karate birthday party | meeting with DCPS senior leadership
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Paskong Pinoy's holiday show with our friend O

dinner with the former director of the World Food Programme

fancied up for Islamic Relief's 25th anniversary dinner with our friend Dino

waiting for the Mini-Nut (hour long version of the Nutcracker)

our Primary is now big enough for a Nativity pageant (Z declined the honor)

holiday card-making at the Postal Museum, followed by the train display at Union Station and then crepes

What else happened? Monthly moms' night | postcards with J | holiday party with the kids in a separate apartment with babysitters | playdates | Diversity Declaration election recap | ICAP holiday party | Light Up SW
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