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After church, a nap, and a walk around the neighborhood, we watched Mississippi Masala. I found it a little slow, but still enjoyable - MoBob liked it very much. It was a good comparison with Bend It Like Beckham, especially immigrant experiences in the US vs the UK. I thought about the Indian families I knew when I lived in Nairobi, how they were 3rd and 4th generation Kenyans, but spent more holidays in England than in India, yet didn't "integrate" in the same way as immigrants in, say, North America. I also thought about the other great commercial/entrepreneurial diaspora - the Lebanese in West Africa. To my knowledge there hasn't been a novel or a movie about the Lebanese experience in West Africa, yet they are the most significant economic force in the region. Again, after three or four generations. Like the Indians, very close-knit and insular, although apparently there was one large Lebanese-Burkinabé family in Ouagadougou.

Today it's off to Capitol Hill where my colleague will be giving a briefing on cluster bombs. I've never been to a live session before so it should be fun and hopefully compensate for the discomfort of wearing a suit in the heat.
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