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A hat tip to Janet for the link to the hilarious Eavesdrop DC. I can think of myself now as a smug DC resident but I have disgraced myself on occasion, most notably in grad school when a handsome Metro cop nailed me for snacking on cheese in Metro Center, fined me $10, and called me in as "Sylvia Cannabis."

I have also embarrassed myself with tourists, especially as I often take the blue line past Smithsonian. One time I asked the chaperone of a rambunctious group of youngsters where they were from and she wearily responded, "Maryland."

Today is Philippine Independence Day, although apparently Auntie Glo (photo courtesy of BBC!) declared yesterday the public holiday. Just as well - a big improvement over July 4th, Philippine-America Friendship Day. Kudos for my home province,which celebrated its 108th Anniversary and recently hosted a delegation of Afghan legislators.
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