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Tickle · the · Pear

the Diamond State

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I was wondering why you can get an Arkansas license plate with a diamond on it. Then a friend here mentioned that she was going diamond hunting with her sister this weekend.

Diamond hunting? Why, yes. Apparently it's a popular activity and quite a few large diamonds have been found.

Not only is there a license plate, but there's also a commemorative quarter.

It's been an unusually social week for me. On Tuesday evening the Relief Society President and another sister came for visiting teaching. I finally revealed the true nature of my job (until now I let everyone think that I was an admin assistant) as senior specialist for gender equity (instead of the former "program officer") and managed to convince both of them that it was truly possible to be a faithful feminist.

On Wednesday evening I attended the monthly Shakti potluck. A JHU friend alerted me to this, a monthly gathering of about 20-30 women in Little Rock. Dinner took place in a beautiful 1920s home in "the historic Hillcrest neighborhood" (as all the brochures say) but I think I was the youngest person there and certainly with the most unusual profession.

I left the office with a colleague early on Friday since she'd invited me over for a pseudo-Mexican potluck. She was a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras and met her husband there, and is one of the few "kindred spirits" I've met in Little Rock thus far. Several other gals and one husband joined us, and our discussion ranged from work to the Walk for the Cure to selections for the next book club. Happily much of the earnest conversation was tempered with a good dose of snarkiness and cynicism!

Today I've got to tie up some loose ends and run errands, including going to the library to activate my library card now that I'm an Arkansan....

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On October 8th, 2006 04:36 am (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
You've already found a book club? Girl, you are SET!

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