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This weekend reminded me of how much I love Washington DC. True, Saturday night brought another severe storm, but otherwise it was pretty pleasant compared to the rest of summer. MoBob and I went on Saturday to 1001 Inventions family festival at National Geographic. It was very well done, though the exhibit was smaller than I expected. We were first show an odd little Harry Potter-type movie starring Ben Kingsley. I thought he was very wooden but it served as an intro to the exhibit. The exhibit itself was pretty cool. My favorite part was one activity with a motion activated screen - you had to "fly" through a landscape so there was a series of little kids flapping their arms. The exhibit did make an effort to include women - one who invented the astrolab and the other who helped found the university in Fes. The exhibit did not, however, address why after such a long era of intellectual accomplishment did Muslim countries decline so dramatically. I understand that it's not the point of the exhibit, but it's a dramatic contrast with the state of most Muslim countries now. Morocco, for example, has a high illiteracy rate; my sisters-in-law do not read or write.

I really enjoyed the music and dance performances, especially this Persian song based on an ancient poem.

Since church doesn't start til 1:30pm, I thought today we'd have time to catch some of Brazil Day DC. MB refused to wear either of his Brazil soccer jerseys (the official team one or the Ronaldinho shirt) but we went nonetheless. Of course, the performances ran on "Brazil time" so I didn't get to see the capeoira demonstration. Anyway, every time we go to "Brazil Day" or "the Turkey Festival" or "the Philippines Fair" we always get into a long discussion of why Morocco doesn't have a similar event. Granted, MB attended some sort of big event in the wilds of Maryland, but it's just not the same.
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On September 12th, 2012 01:01 am (UTC), wunderbar commented:
I love Niyaz!! All of my in-laws are literate except some Aunts and my husband's Grannie. I think things are improving in that department, but Morocco still has a long way to go!
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