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Tickle · the · Pear


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I've been feeling tired for no reason for the past 24 hours or so, and I've been joking with my colleagues that I'm in perimenopause. Of course, that horrifies my more staid (male) colleagues. I slept for 9.5 hours last night - it felt good, but I still want to velcro my head to my desk.

I've been trying to decide if I'll go to the Club Scarlet open skate and viewing party next week. Club Scarlet, you see, is the Caps' female fan club. I'm sure it'll be fun. Maybe we'll have a contest to vote for the cutest Cap? I've never fan-girled on skates before.

Poetry snippet of the day:
I should sit on a rock off Cornwall and comb my hair.
I should wear tiger pants, I should have an affair.
We should meet in another life, we should meet in air,
Me and you.

From "Lesbos" by Sylvia Plath
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