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Tickle · the · Pear

Weeping on a Friday Morning (nothing to do with Easter)

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I listen to National Public Radio's Morning Edition every day on WAMU which is the radio station at American University in Washington DC.

It helps me keep in touch with mainstream (liberal) America. Believe it or not, I love listening to the weather and traffic reports. My mornings usually start off with perusing the Washington Post website while listening to WAMU. (Since we are more than likely to end up in Baltimore I guess I should start reading the Baltimore Sun and listening to one of the three Balto NPR stations. But I am resisting. I don't want to become a Balti-moron just yet.)

Friday mornings though are different. When StoryCorps comes on, I click the "mute" button. StoryCorps is a traveling oral history project and every Friday morning a StoryCorps recording is broadcast. Every time I've actually listened to a StoryCorps segment I end up in tears. Each story is invariably sad and touching. Ugh. That's the last thing I need in the office.

Today's segment was no different. I'd gone to fetch a laptop and when I returned to my office I started listening to the segment in progress, thinking that it was a regular interview. The speaker was discussing her grandmother and I realized I was listening to StoryCorps. Of course I had to finish listening. My eyes started to fill when the speaker talked about how often she told her grandma she loved her before she died. By the end of "A Rare and Special Grandmother"I was a pathetic sentimental mess. What a way to start a long holiday weekend!
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On April 16th, 2006 05:34 am (UTC), clynne commented:
Sylvia? Is this you? It's Connie-Lynne, from high school.

So cool that you have an LJ!
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