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Tickle · the · Pear

hunkering down

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Last night I exiled myself to the living room while MoBob watched the debate as our freecycle TV is in the bedroom. I read d/g fic instead. I had been looking forward to being in the US during a presidential campaign and now I'm just tired of it. I'm weaning myself from constantly listening to NPR, BBC, and RFI and instead tune into the Australian Broadcasting Network's overnight classical music programs.

Inspired by the talks I've heard recently and current events I've been doing the preparedness thing with gusto. We bought a small upright freezer and a membership in Costco. I've been updating our emergency kits. We've always had emergency supplies (because you never know when you might be evacuated by helicopter when in Africa) but I've ordered some additional items like emergency blankets. Our food storage enough for two people. We have a fireproof safe and $100 in cash stashed away at home and in the office, and a roll of quarters. Both of us have little emergency kits in our respective offices, with a small bottle of water, a flashlight, a whistle, some granola bars, and an air filter mask. We have increased our contributions to different savings accounts.

MB cut back his hours at DHL because of his classes and got an additional on-campus job so I don't think he'll feel the economic downturn as much. Trinity sent out a message to the student body reassuring everyone that financial aid, tuition, and other matters are not affected by the current climate. We have pretty modest needs and I don't anticipate that we'll change our lifestyles very much. Maybe a little more questioning of some purchases that I wouldn't hesitate about otherwise. One thing I will not cut back on is charitable contributions. I'm a pretty selfish person in general (spoiled only child!) and contributing to causes I believe in is one of the few generous gestures I make.
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