Sylvia (ticklethepear) wrote,

my struggles at church

* fasting
MoBob always makes fun of me because I can't last beyond 3pm on fast & testimony Sundays. At times I have stooped as low as to steal goldfish from the nursery stash when the kiddies are at singing time.

* family history
I haven't gone beyond my grandparents.

* missionary work
I tell myself that I compensate for laziness in the US by going out on splits with the sister missionaries when I'm overseas.

* scripture reading
I've combined my love of an empty inbox with my daily readings by subscribing to Read the Scriptures which sends a chapter a day. Otherwise I always forget.

On the other hand, I've always had a temple recommend, paid tithing, worn my garments, accepted whatever calling, and we have enough food storage.

A mixed record, in the end.
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