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Tickle · the · Pear

Bear Tales

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Facebook updates from September 13:
Sylvia is ready to watch Cal pummel Maryland. Go Bears! 08:28

Sylvia is a sad Bear because Cal lost, 35-27. 17:26

Yeah, Cal got slammed. But at least it wasn't the BYU-UCLA shutout which accounted for many happy alums at church the next day. The last-minute touchdowns took place while we were standing in line for the shuttle to the metro station, and we were both too sunburned and tired to join my (UMD alum) colleague and his wife at one of the local hangouts. Nonetheless we had a great time. I'd forgotten how much fun it was to dress up in the school colors, scream "Roll on you Bears!" and "We have more Nobel Prize winners!" and make insta-friends with the neighboring football pundits. Plus the Cal Band. We even saw some folks we knew, including people from the book club and MoBob's soccer team. The Cal section was packed - I'd heard from the alum association that people came from New York and Boston. Wow. Quite frankly the only reason I grudgingly paid out the $120 for tickets was because MB had never been to a football game before. I'm so not a sports fan and I'm not even a rabid alum (the only Cal gear I have is a baseball cap and MB has a t-shirt) but the game brought back a lot of fond memories of autumn afternoons spent at Memorial Stadium.
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