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I had to switch from the hotel in the midst of the tourist district to the French equivalent of the YMCA/YWCA out in the burbs, and in-between lost access to the internet. When I arrived at the Y they told me that the wi-fi was still in the test phase, and since I'm in this training I'm not at a desk with a cable, since there's no wi-fi in the office here. (shock horror)

I realized over a couple of days of being unplugged (except for a brief interlude with wi-fi at McD's) how dependent I am on the internet. Emails (work and personal), Skype, streaming NPR and BBC, Facebook, the Washington Post - I wasn't getting enough sleep since I spent so much time "catching up."

So I'm learning how to enjoy silence again. It feels strange.

More piccies tomorrow hopefully when the connection is faster than its current glacial pace.

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