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It has been unbearably hot. I hate it. I'm grateful for electricity and air conditioning.

I'm getting over a cold. I was absolutely knocked out in the middle of the week. Horrible timing for everyone involved but now over.

We went with our mommy group friends to see one of our favorite groups, Koo Koo Kanga Roo. It was almost too much fun - and the first time in a long time we'd gone to a SOLD OUT concert.

Then it was on to a daycare friend's birthday party. I was most impressed with the non-violent piñata, which the kids pulled apart with ribbons instead.

The last time we went square dancing was in a church on a very cold evening. This time we were outside a historic mill at the end of a broiling day.
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It was HOT. But we made it to the Kenilworth Gardens Lotus Festival. We hadn't been since Z was a baby.

We were invited to celebrate a daycare friend's birthday. Even though the outdoor fun was cut short by a storm, the kidlets still enjoyed a movie treat.

Instead of church, Z opted to visit MoBob's office. (The iPad rarely comes out.)

Followed by pool time.

The weekend ended with a performance of "Barry Beaver" at the Capital Fringe Festival with another daycare family, and lots of Dangerously Delicious pie.
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Thank goodness for long sunny days and languid evenings....
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from Morocco


from the Philippines


from the U.S.

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Long days means lots of fun - although I did squeeze in several delicious naps, including one under a tree.
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We pass the Maine Avenue Fish Market every day, twice a day. It is the oldest continuous fish market in the US, and one of the few landmarks not associated with the Federal City. Z has already visited several times, and we took advantage of a crowd-free evening after one of the big storms to buy some fish for dinner.

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Our friend S was here for work, and we had originally planned to take her to the Moroccan community lftour (evening meal to break the fast) but it was cancelled at the last minute. So we took her to a local restaurant where we brought our own dates (stored in the trunk of the car) and milk (bought at CVS) before ordering dinner. Some of the other patrons watched us out of curiousity. I'd forgotten that not everyone knows or has seen Ramadan customs.

I went to a baby sprinkle (baby #2) for my friend L, and I made new friends. The hostess lived in a cozy and colorful home right out of Apartment Therapy. MoBob took Z to the family jazz session at the Strathmore and then to a haircut. That afternoon I attended an open rehearsal of the Chamber Dance Project's Ballet & Brass, with the beloved local group Brass Connection. One of the quirks of the collaboration is that the band doesn't use sheet music, so part of the rehearsal was to work out some of the cues between the dancers and the musicians.

We accomplished an item on the summer fun list by visiting Kingman Island. We saw shy turtles and a lot of dragonflies, and ducks from far away. We went home to an ice cream social and a late lunch with a family on their way from Senegal to Malawi. To end the weekend we had lftour and a dinner for Father's Day at Pinstripes (where we had gone for Mother's Day brunch).

Ballet and Brass facing off.

Binoculars are ok.

Magnifying glass, less so.

Father's Day smooch.
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In compiling our summer fun list for 2016, I really wanted to try some new (to us) activities.

One was the annual Astronomy Festival on the National Mall. It was a little weird logistically because if you came early (i.e. before sundown) there was little to see, but at night it got really crowded.

The mini-planetarium was very popular.

We whiled away the remaining of hours of daylight under the Washington Monument.

A new favorite destination is River Farm. Absolutely bucolic!

A new owie.

Checking out one of the new Metro cars.
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We went to Chuck E. Cheese for our friend's birthday. It was our first visit (not counting Mommy's childhood) and it was hard to leave the play area.

Then we went to the DC Government's Truck Touch.

Ramadan began. We have a countdown garland, a book for each day, and a special plate.

Our summer fun list this year - and I'm sure we'll fit in more than the 20 on the list.

Astronomy Festival
Lavendar Farm
Nats game
Glen Echo Park carousel and aquarium
Lotus Festival
River Farm
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
fireworks on the 4th of July
Ukelele Festival
Smithsonian Folklife Festival
Kingman Island
pirate cruise
Brookside Gardens
National Arboretum
Montrose Park
the glass forest
Green Spring Gardens
SW Night Market
pool time and swim lessons
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