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I was at the office on Friday, so MoBob took Z to the airport to watch the planes, then to the mosque and afterwards couscous. The rest of the weekend we plunged straight into the holiday festivities.

We spent the day at National Harbor. Luckily this year the annual Santa photo was a drama-free event.

Then on to the indoor carousel

and the Christmas train.

We hadn't visited Potomac Yards Playground in a couple of years so we stopped by on the way to Target.

We made our annual visit to the U.S. Botanic Gardens. (Yes, Z insisted on shorts and it was balmy enough.)

The ladybug train was my favorite.

We then visited the seagulls at the reflecting pool.

Last weekend was the end of the CANstruction display at the National Building Museum. Many of the structures were witty and timely - definitely check out the rest on the official website.

No visit to the NBM is complete without some time in the Building Zone.
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Like lots of kids his age, Z loves anything related to transport. Luckily we've been able to do a number of low-key, home-made activities on that theme.

Reinforcing nascent literacy skills by tracing the alphabet.

Recognizing numbers and number order.

And general imaginative, free play.

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Z is still in denial that Halloween is only one day and IT'S OVER. Life is hard for a three-nager! MoBob left for a week in Indiana and Ohio so he missed out on the festivities.

We are lucky that we can go T&T in our own complex.

I went to a discussion on Fil-Am cuisine at the Philippine Embassy, which happily included food.

In the meantime, MB took Z to the Strathmore to a show on blues music for kids.

Friday was another day of no school (and we have more three day weekends coming up) but the Halloween festivities had already started at the library.

On Saturday, we went to the Washington International Horse Show for the first time.

We made two sweet potato casseroles - one for home and one for a Halloween party.

Captain America!

We rounded out the weekend with the Primary program (all the kids sang) at church and then a visit to Cox Farms.
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We had a good mix of activities. For the first time we went to the Synetic Theater for a production of Music Box. Then we took the Metro to see the Art of the Qu'ran where we met MoBob, and we continued on to PumpkinPalooza in our neighborhood.

Learning about geometric forms and watercolors.

Walking back home under a gorgeous sky after PumpkinPalooza.

MB took Z to Cox's Farm for a reunion with daycare friends.

Then a trip to Hogwarts for a birthday party.

This month's homework project was to create a family tree.

Easy pumpkin decorating - no pumpkin guts!

The Pre-K kids had their own fall festival at school.

October is Filipino-American History Month. I was invited to a White House event with presidential kisses and a traditional dance group.

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Even thought the temps went up again (ugh) Halloween (and other fun stuff) is in the air!

Student of the week!

We went to a Halloween party with the moms' group and then on to National Fossil Day at the Museum of Natural History, where we sifted for actual fossils.

Church steps are good for jumping.

Halloween train!

All the cool kids came for pajama jazz.
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Long weekends start on Friday evenings and dry-erase marker animals!

Saturday was rainy, and consequently our trip on the Halloween Train was cancelled, but Z still enjoyed constructing a car and seeing a movie at the "drive-in" at the library. (I was at a volunteer event so missed out on all the fun.)

On Sunday after church, we visited the library and the adjoining playground. We ended up looking at eight books about Batman and his friends, with a couple of Lego books tossed in for variety. Z has has own library card now and enjoys picking out books.

MoBob's office is in on Columbus Day/Indigenous People's Day so that they can take off the day after Thanksgiving, so Z and I were on our own for Monday. We had quite an epic adventure around town, especially with the beautiful weather.

First, we went to Reading Rangers story time at the Mary McLeod Bethune House. It was our first visit to the famous educator's home.

Then we visited, again for the first time, the Children's Garden at the US Botanic Gardens, and then explored the other parts of the gorgeous complex.

The Bartholdi Garden across the street was closed for renovations, so we continued on to the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial.

We finished the day in the best way possible: hot dogs and ice cream on the Mall.
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Another birthday year has rolled around...when do I actually start feeling like an adult?!

The weekend started early since Friday was a professional development day, so no school. We arranged a playdate for the morning and then in the afternoon went to the Open Studio at the National Portrait Gallery, with a stop at Shake Shack. Friday night we went to Kohls and PF Chang's for the first time. Life in the burbs!

Saturday was overcast and drizzly, but we still made it to the Blessing of the Animals at the Franciscan Monastery. Surprisingly there was a large media presence, including NPR and the local NBC affiliate, which posted a nice article afterwards.

The lizard was a big hit.

We decided to attend the opening of the new Lego store at the big mall.

On my actual birthday, I just slept and IT WAS AWESOME. Then we visited the drum circle in Malcolm X Park followed by dinner at a Filipino restaurant. And that it is how I started the next year in this mortal coil.
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As usual, an exciting week full of adventures...picciesCollapse )
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