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Even thought the temps went up again (ugh) Halloween (and other fun stuff) is in the air!

Student of the week!

We went to a Halloween party with the moms' group and then on to National Fossil Day at the Museum of Natural History, where we sifted for actual fossils.

Church steps are good for jumping.

Halloween train!

All the cool kids came for pajama jazz.
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Long weekends start on Friday evenings and dry-erase marker animals!

Saturday was rainy, and consequently our trip on the Halloween Train was cancelled, but Z still enjoyed constructing a car and seeing a movie at the "drive-in" at the library. (I was at a volunteer event so missed out on all the fun.)

On Sunday after church, we visited the library and the adjoining playground. We ended up looking at eight books about Batman and his friends, with a couple of Lego books tossed in for variety. Z has has own library card now and enjoys picking out books.

MoBob's office is in on Columbus Day/Indigenous People's Day so that they can take off the day after Thanksgiving, so Z and I were on our own for Monday. We had quite an epic adventure around town, especially with the beautiful weather.

First, we went to Reading Rangers story time at the Mary McLeod Bethune House. It was our first visit to the famous educator's home.

Then we visited, again for the first time, the Children's Garden at the US Botanic Gardens, and then explored the other parts of the gorgeous complex.

The Bartholdi Garden across the street was closed for renovations, so we continued on to the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial.

We finished the day in the best way possible: hot dogs and ice cream on the Mall.
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Another birthday year has rolled around...when do I actually start feeling like an adult?!

The weekend started early since Friday was a professional development day, so no school. We arranged a playdate for the morning and then in the afternoon went to the Open Studio at the National Portrait Gallery, with a stop at Shake Shack. Friday night we went to Kohls and PF Chang's for the first time. Life in the burbs!

Saturday was overcast and drizzly, but we still made it to the Blessing of the Animals at the Franciscan Monastery. Surprisingly there was a large media presence, including NPR and the local NBC affiliate, which posted a nice article afterwards.

The lizard was a big hit.

We decided to attend the opening of the new Lego store at the big mall.

On my actual birthday, I just slept and IT WAS AWESOME. Then we visited the drum circle in Malcolm X Park followed by dinner at a Filipino restaurant. And that it is how I started the next year in this mortal coil.
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As usual, an exciting week full of adventures...picciesCollapse )
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The weather cooled down a bit, the leaves are starting to turn, and the pool closed for the season, so it's easier to imagine that fall has finally arrived. I ate something (sausage? kale?) that knocked me out with allergies, and I spent most of the past few days dealing with a cough and a runny nose, and I wanted to rest up for a board retreat on Sunday. Nonetheless we were out and about!

The big event this week was Eid al-Adha. MoBob took Z to a nearby farm and subsequently the house and the car smelled like sheep for several days.

Back to school night!

Over the weekend, we did homework.

We attended Lego Day at one of the Smithsonian museums.

We participated in the Lantern Walk. (DCist published a lovely article on the event.)

While I was at the board retreat, MB took Z to the annual family fest on Capitol Hill.
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As usual, I had a wonderful time at the Exponent retreat. This was our view.

Meanwhile, MoBob and Z attended a Nats game.

They went to the family showcase of the DC Shorts Festival, and then crafting at the Wharf.

Off to a birthday party!

And finally Batman at a festival at one of the neighborhood churches.

* * *

We started ballet classes.

We listened to Mr. Josh during pajama story time.

We sang with Mme Marie for French song circle, and then enjoyed the delightful park adjacent to the library.

Then it was off to the Textile Museum for some crafting and learning about traditional lace-making.

We went to a community event at Blind Whino, the neighborhood arts space.

Then Mommy went to see handsome men fight on stage during an open rehearsal of Romeo + Juliet, and then we all met up again for a potluck after church.

We went to the Kennedy Center for the Page to Stage Festival. The crocodile hat was more exciting than workshopping The Adventures of Mr. Bear, followed by free picnic lunches.

We closed out Labor Day by meeting our friends at the water feature in Yards Park and said goodbye to summer with ice cream.
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I'm impressed with Z's school - we had a home visit from his teacher, he already knew the school and some of the kids from the summer playdates, and we get regular updates throughout the day via the Class Dojo app. The school honored our request to place him in a mixed Pre-K3/Pre-K4 class, and he seems to enjoy it, or at least declare, "I'm tired!" at the end of the day.

A well-deserved ice cream at the monthly night market, and then on to a goodbye party for our friends leaving for Austin, Texas.

Z and MoBob had visited the playground at Wheaton Regional Park last year, but this was first visit to the adorable train station and carousel.

Z and MB got their haircuts and then we walked to Arena Stage for their annual "carnival."

Z still had a lot of wiggles left so he and MB went off to another favorite playground, Clemyjontri. And then we were ready for a new week!
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